The company M E L I N I K O N specializes in the trade of high quality honey and its derivatives. With decades of experience, we offer premium products from Greece. All our products are certified and subjected to strict quality analyses. At MELINIKON we address buyers who are looking for high quality honey of pure Greek origin.
We select the purest varieties and offer them in luxurious packaging, preserving the integrity of the honey and its nutrients.
A few words about honey
Honey is the sweetest production of Greek nature. It is a natural sweetener produced by bees by collecting plant nectar or plant secretions or insect secretions that suck plants. A natural treasure, known for its beneficial properties since ancient times. Thanks to its ingredients, it has antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-cancer and cardioprotective properties as well as, although it is a food and not a medicine, it is used in many medicines.
Greek honey stands out around the world for its purity, taste and all its organoleptic characteristics and is considered from the best honeys. The morphological and climatic conditions in our country, with the great sunshine, favor the development of a diverse flora with many different species of plants, which play a decisive role in shaping the special characteristics of honey, which have been scientifically documented.
When honey enters the body, it is recognized as a "biological product" and the glucose that is absorbed into the blood is made in moderation (it gets what the body needs) and not uncontrollable as is the case with sugar. It is divided into two categories:
  • Nectar honey, which bees collect from the flowers.
  • Honey from honeydew, produced from secretions of plants or insects that suck plants.
Nectar honey is light in color, more fluid, with a very strong aroma and taste, while honeydew honey is darker, thicker, richer in minerals and less sweet.

Our main concern is the absolute satisfaction of our customers through the top and stable quality of our products.

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